Friday, December 21, 2012

Have a Fab Christmas

Well that's me done for the year - work is finished (and I'm not back til the 2nd). The shopping's shopped, the presents are wrapped, and the holiday handbrake has been firmly applied.

Although there will be one last blast before Santa's seasonal prowl-about - The Railway's Annual Charity Bash: The 2012 Beatles Convention - An all day event double-decking (the halls) across two floors

Upstairs: Southend's finest musicians will be putting their individual spins on the Beatles songbook 

Downstairs: Martian McNeill and his Bottletop Blues Band (With special guest West Weston and mystery jazzer TBA) - will be swinging through a Sunday afternoon session from 4

I'll be parked up in the downstairs bar spinning in Beatles themed covers, bootleg remixes, inspirations, and solo stompers

Ernie Garrett - Eleanor Rigby

And perhaps a handful of seasonal blues tunes

So until next year (or the 30th when West Weston brings his Bluesonics and Mud Morganfields guitarist to the The Railway) - have yourself a swinging little christmas


Furtheron said...

Happy Chrimbo to you too...

Gibson ES5 switchmaster... so sad that I know this stuff instantly... Get a life Furtheron!

Kolley Kibber said...

Have a great break, Mondo, and keep it all coming in 2013!


John Medd said...

Happy Christmas to you and Jo. And thank you again for making Southend a highlight of 2012; we'll be down again in '13, that's for sure. J. PS Say hello to Piley!

Mondo said...

cheers all have yourselves rocking ones

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