Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Annual Birthday Post

So, here we are - twelve months on from this and a run of extra miles clonked on the biological clock.

Instead of a mix of the years top tunes we've run out previously- this year, I'm submitting for your listening ears - the Podrophenia Annual 2012.

It's a best of year edition where Piley, the Podrophonic Listening Squad and myself - pick 'n' mix our favourite albums, singles, books, gigs and events of the last year.. With Podrophonic salutes and shouts going out to TV Smith, Thee Faction, Eight Rounds Rapid, Hello Phones, Zoë Howe and Syd Moore with Best Single and Best Album nods going to Blow Up records - but what for?

Find out within the grooves of ......

The Podrophenia Annual 2012


John Medd said...

Your mission, Mondo, should you choose to accept it, is to track down all the TOTP/MFP/Picwick chicks who adorned these album covers and do a 'Where Are The Now?' It's a dirty job, but someon'e gotta do it.

Mondo said...

Now that's a gem of an idea J. Although some TOTP dollies are named here

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