Friday, June 13, 2008

Funky Friday - Hanky Spanky

I'm a terror for a cover, and this selection taken from Spanky Wilson's 1968 album(or '69 - the date seems to switch from site to site) 'Doin It', are all high flying fatback funk-outs.

If you're not familiar with her name, you'll certainly know some of Spanky's musical chums and collaborators - Jazz and Soul heavy hitters like Duke Ellington, Lalo Schifrin, Marvin Gaye, Willie Bobo, Jimmy Smith and Sammy Davis, Jr - and more recently The Quantic Soul Orchestra for her 2006 album 'I'm Thankful'.

I first heard Spanky's re-fitted and re-funked verion of 'Sunshine' by way of Tom Middleton's impeccably eclectic and electrifyingly mixed The Trip (which has the strongest opening run of any comp' ever!)

'Sunshine Of Your Love'

'Light My Fire'


Three decades later and she's still 'Doin It' - with the same snap, spank and sparkle.

Spanky Wilson and The Quantic Soul Orchestra- 'You'

All the gubbins and good stuff you need to know about Spanky is right here..
Spanky Wilson's MySpace site

Spanky Wilson's Official site

If you're in the mood for more all girl action get your go go boots over to...

A fine and funky number at Cocktails and Records

A serving of sixties girl groups from Clair at the Urban Woo

Or couple of my fave Northern nuggets

Spanky's 'Light My Fire' is also featured as part of this guest mix I made for the The Right Side Of Funky blog..


Anonymous said...

Top choices!!

Spanky Wilson is highly underated!
Her version of Kissing my love and also Don't joke with a hungry man are others worth checking out IMHO.

Keep on keepin' on!

Mr Double Down

Suzy Norman said...

Spanky Wilson, my, my, you've done it again! 'You' is on at home now (4th time in a row).

Mondo said...

I almost loaded up a clip of Spanky doing 'Don't Joke' with the Quantics - s'here if you fancy a peep

RE - Nice to know it's grooving your boots, I would really recommend grabbing a copy of the Tom Mid' album The Trip as mentioned in this blog bit - I guarantee you'll love it.

Cocktails said...

Nice one (yet again)! I've not heard much of Spanky Wilson but these are very good indeed. And her voice has stood up amazingly well.

Cheers for the mention too - the more people listening to Fontella Bass the better!

bitterandrew said...

Outstanding, PM!

Top flight selections, as always.

Mondo said...

Check her new album out - you can do it via the 'I'm Thankful' link in the posting - it really is super duper funky (and the Tom Middleton album is a must grab too)

HSB DaveB. said...

Spanky is HOT!!!!! Been searching for that record for years. First got turned on to her whilst listening to Paul Weller spin some of his 45's on a BBC radio show. Nice to see she's still bringin' it after all these years. Hope all is well on Planet Mondo!!!

Peace and SOUL,

Mondo said...

S'all good on PM HSBD, thanks for stopping by.

ally. said...

high quality (as ever) - ta very much

JASON X said...

PM This is fantastic, I have ALSO been searching for this LP for years. I'm jealous, very very jealous...LOL. Spanky is one of my favorite Funk Divas...Thanks for the post!

BTW - I finally got around to adding you and a few others to the Shindiggit Blogroll...

Jason X

Mondo said...

Thanks J, BTW I'll be downloading your new mix later today.

Anonymous said...

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