Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Never Mind The Boleros

I've just finished two excellent spiky top books on the bounce..

John Robb - 'Punk Rock: An Oral History'

Alan Parker - 'Sid Vicious,No One is Innocent'

Both map out the cultural earthquake shake up and chain reaction of cluster bomb bands that exploded following the big bang of punk - all documented from a ground zero perspective by bit part players and punk aristocrats.

So some contrast and compare, pre and post '77 tracks then...

An audience recording of the Sex Pistols (who were an unsigned band at the time) live in Burton on Trent from September 24th 1976 - check out Matlock's rubber ball basslines.
No Feelings - Live at the 76 Club

By 1978 the world really had turned dayglo, and a Spanish punk band calling themselves Los Punkrockers tried to rework NMTB blow for blow.
No Feelings - Los Punkrockers

To bring us up to date Mark Vidler's Cher at Seditionaries bootleg remix.
No Feelings 4 Cher

And as bonus from 'Party 'Til You Puke' here's the NMTB demo version of ...
No Feelings (demo)


Jonathon Livingstone Beale III (twice removed) said...

Another mad Mark Vidler moment!

Mondo said...

I don't know how he does it - s'incredible isn't it?

Cocktails said...

There is something kind of, um, amusing about that Los Punkrockers version. It's completely lame but sincere and spirited at the same time.

As for the Mark Vidler track, I want to hate it, but just can't. Damn.

rockmother said...

F*ck me I just whooshed straight back down a whizzy wormhole to 1976 - lurex socks, plastic shoes, mohair jumper and drainpipes that I sewed myself into every day. I desperately wanted to be cool but wasn't quite old enough to carry it off I don't think. And how come I know all the words to that vile Cher song? It sounds as if he has slowed her vox track down a smidge or was it always like that? I can't hate anything Mr Vidler does even though the original was shocking despite being such a huge hit.

Mondo said...

Cocktails - there's some great 'lost in translation' moments throughout the whole Los Punkrockers album - and you knock the mighty Mark Vidler. I must post his Christine Aguilera/Velvet Underground/Communards Bootleg at some point.

RE - I was into Space 1999, Whizzer and Chips, K Tel/Ronco comps and suchlike in '76 it'd all gone New Wave by the time I caught up

Cocktails said...

I'm not knocking Mark Vidler. I'm knocking Cher and that woeful song!

Mondo said...

I thought that's what you meant (I quite like the fact she's not trying to hide the use of auto tune) - there's a couple more Go Home goodies here if you fancy

Tweet and XTC

Monkees and The Beatles

Jet, The Beatles, Joe Walsh

Sylvester and XTC

rockmother said...

Mondon Bongo - me too - I was only 10 in 1976 and desperately trying to be older hence the attire!

Cocktails said...

Cheers for those links. Slyvester and XTC didn't seem to work (which might be a good thing). Beatles and Monkees kicks arse though!

Piley said...

what about the funky lego styley pistol peeps??! you stick it up there, then not a mention! You own them then? where d'ya pick up the little fellas?

Remind me of those funky little characters they used to sell in Merc a while back. The best two were a 70's punk (rather suspiciously called 'johnny' - there was 'kev' the punk too, but didn't really hit the spot that one) and a classic 60's 'small faces' style mod...(once again, rather conviniently called Stevie)

pics here:

Mondo said...

RM - were you ever a Flintlock kinda gal?

Cocktails - It seems to be ok now (and worth a go too) divvyshare can be a bit delicate sometimes.

P - I think they did them at Forbidden Planet for a while and those NMTB bears in the background.

Merc do a great range of those goodies - The Who, Small Faces and a Soo Catwoman one I think.

Anonymous said...

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