Friday, June 20, 2008

Funky Friday - Watching The Detectives

Were you a sucker for seventies police shows ? I was. Although a bit too young to jog along with the plot for most of these shows, each one had it's own unique ingredient that kept me coming back.

Banacek - I liked the 'rowing' intro'.
The Magician - Bill Bixby's 'fancy pants' white sports car .
Macmillan and Wife - the eye soothing Susan St James *sighs*.
Police Woman - Pepper Anderson *goes giddy at the memory*.
Kojak - the snappy suits with swishy linings. Lollipops!.

But the the coolest cops on the block were always those wheel screeching, street prowling, thug busting, bonnet bouncing, trendy tog wearing, undercover cruisers Starsky and Hutch...

Tom Scott - 'Gotcha' (Theme from Starsky and Hutch )

So, how about going on patrol with Singing Detective Sammy Davis Jr. as he belts out the themes to...

Hawaii Five-O

Sammy Davis Jr. - 'You Can Count On Me' (Theme from Hawaii Five-O)

And - Kojak

Sammy Davis Jr. 'We'll Make It This Time' (Theme from Kojak)

There's a ready reckoner of 70's detectives right here if you fancy a peep.

Adidas SL76s were worn by Paul Michael Glaser in Starsky and Hutch - luckily I mananged to grab a pair when they ran a limited reissue about 4 years ago.


bleecher said...

ive got a pair of crappy plastic black loafers like columbo used to wear... do i get a peanut?

Does anyone remember Petrochelii? the sleuth who relied totally on mistaken identity to solve his cases?? and dont start me on the house he was building ... one episode it was upto the it was still at foundations WTF??

top post as ever mr mondo..lookin forward to some long overdue glassfulls this weekend

Mondo said...

What this Petrocelli?

I reckon being such a handyman is why you connected with Petrocelli.

Oh yes definitley on for a few scoops this weekend I may even put my SL 76s on and dig out the 'guess the theme tune' albums..

davyh said...

My Dad and I used to very much like The Streets Of San Francisco -'A Quinn Martin Production' - and of the Brit ones, 'The Protectors' featuring Robert Vaughan and the lovely Nyree Dawn Porter (with Tony Christie on singing).

Mondo said...

The Streets Of San Francisco - didn't it have an 'epilogue'?

The Protectors was a Gerry Anderson production wasn't it (him from Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet).

Mondo said...

PS - the Brit ones are coming soon.

davyh said...

I'd forgotten the Epilogue! Brilliant. I used to just love that big macho American bloke voice over 'Starring Karl Malden....Also starring....Michael Douglas....Tonight's episode...Streets Of Fear'

Mondo said...

Karl Malden had a fine hat too - I've bought at straw one just like it for summer - a fiver at T K Maxx- bargain.

Simon said...

They've been replaying the Brit side of things on ITV3 over the past year; lots of Professionals, The Sweeney and Dempsey & Makepeace....Glynis Barber........sigh.......

Piley said...

McCloud? Not quite as cool with a horse n a cowboy hat somehow...

Columbo??! Quincy?? Bet you've forgotten Ellery Queen??!

You can count on me is a classic, not heard the kojak song before tho. nice!


Mondo said...

Simon - I have got some Brit ones lined up, but it's none of those.

P Sammy D album you want is
'Song And Dance Man' which also includes 'Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow '(Theme From Baretta)

Suzy Norman said...

I'm a girl. Sorry! Heh.

Unknown said...

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Ad said...

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) for the Brit ones please.
Well he is (and the other one was) a private detective.

I've also finally got around to some filthy punk podcast action at last! Spammed you back!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

I also own a pair of SL76's - I use them for the gym!
As for 'The Streets of San Francisco' - The theme tune by Pat Williams is fantastic! It's available on a German VA comp cd - The mad mad world of soundtracks vol.2 (it has 3 good tracks on it -this one, the Six Million Dollar Man Theme and the theme to 'Harper’) Henry Mancini's cover is equally as good and available on several VA comps that are easier to find.
Whenever I heard the phrase a 'Quinn Martin Production'- It gave me some kind of comfort knowing I was going to watch an entertaining show! I bought the complete set of 'The Invaders' another 'QM Production’ on eBay. It was copy write free at the time and dvd copies of it were fairly cheap as a result - Love the Sammy Davis Jr cover! This and Mancini's cover are available on different 'Mood Mosaic' VA comps

Mondo said...

Budd - It's you from myspace isn't it? What was 'Harper' that really rings a bell?. I've got a few 'Mood Mosiacs'- grabbed them at a bargain price in Virgin Sale, but missed out on the one with the Michael Caine cover.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's Budd from MySpace! (
Paul Newman played 'Lew Harper' - a cool Private Dick hired to locate Lauren Bacall's missing husband. It has a great soundtrack. There is a scene where the actress Pamela Tiffen is dancing in a bikini on a diving board to some really hip go-go music! Great stuff!
If you like cool soundtrack stuff, check out my iMixes. They can be found on my MySpace - You can get album covers from 'my photos'!

Keith said...

My bro and I were big fans of Starsky and Hutch. We would play out the shows. I had dark hair so I was Starsky and he had blond hair so he was Hutch.

Anonymous said...

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