Friday, March 12, 2010

All Vinyl Fridays - Metallica Motown

And another two bargains by way of the Battlesbridge vinyl archive - in fact the two Tamla albums pictured, last week's soul special and this Python LP were all bagged in one sale for a rounded-down tenner!!! I would have included a track from one of my earliest requested-for Christmas comps The Big Wheels of Motown. But…

It's long lost in the loft somewhere

It's too crackle-o-matic to be anywhere near listenable

So today's tunes include a Supremes number, that's one of Mrs M's all time favourites of all time. And an almost Four Tops-ish Temptations track .

The Supremes ~ No Matter What Sign You Are

The Temptations ~ I can't Get Next To You

On the theme of sixties groovy doings - you really must drop in on Lord Dunsby's newly minted site, it's a F.A.B gallery of original illustrations and artwork. I've bought one already - any guesses? It's not the one below.

Now, why not treat yourself to this supremely tempting (ouch) clip of a Tamla Team-up


drew said...

Sheer class for a Friday Mondo.

John Medd said...

A fine brace of tunes Mr. M. For all your snap, crackle and pop vinyl - place them in a bowl of luke warm water (with washing-up liquid) and leave for about 45 seconds, then run under cold water tap to get the suds off and leave to dry (flat) on a clean tea towel. Sounds mad, I know, but it can give a new lease of life to dirty, scratchy vinyl. I'll get my coat.

Simon said...

no matter what sign is one of my favourites, alongside the Saint Etienne sampling Different World from those lovely Four Tops boys.

The cd re-issues of this series are amongst my must have CDs, you know the ones you would grab if the house was on fire.

davyh said...

Love the Supremes and Tempts stuff.

My copy of Big Wheels is easy to grab and relatively unbuggered Mond, if you fancy something in particular?

chocolategirl64 said...

sharing the ❤
Tammy Terrell and Marvin Gaye always get me shimmying and singing:
you can't go wrong with a Motown song:

Mondo said...

Blimey! One bus ride and a bacon bap and I've missed all the action.

Drew/Simon - they really are something special aren't they - have you checked out Motown Funk Brothers comp. Well worth a go

I can't find my EMITEX cleaaner anywhere John, so may give the warm water tip a pop.

In a funny way I've got used to it now Davy. Although for years, whenever I heard I Want You Back I anticipated a hop, skip and jump over Jacko's magical scale-climbing at the end. And no amount of 2p coins piled on the player's arm ever contained it.

Cheers Choco - shake a leg for the Southend massive

Furtheron said...

is it safe to admit I still fancy Diana Ross in those old clips....

Piley said...

You, and particularly Mrs Mondo, are missing out on a big big treat sir!

Do you remember back in the early 80's when plump astrologer Russell Grant did a cover version of No Matter What Sign You Are??! He was big business back then, and with those lyrics how could it fail?? (of course, it did fail).

Assumed I was the only one in the world to remember this, but a quick google has found not only mention of it, but the bloomin video too!!

You MUST see\hear this!! You really should add the viddy to the bottom of this post!

You can grab it right here!


Cocktails said...

Good stuff.

Although I was slightly disappointed that the post didn't include Metallica versions of Motown songs. Now that would be something.

Mondo said...

Judy Clay's another with those glam a-go-go looks F-ron.

I've seen it P - ramping up the camp to overload levels

Cocktails I can offer you....

Motorhead doing Leaving Here
The Who and Heatwave
Humble Pie - I Don't Need No Doctor

And of course Lust For Life is built around You Can't Hurry Love's drum pattern

Cocktails said...

Cheers - those are good! Hadn't heard The Who's Heatwave before.

BTW, am impressed that you braved The Champion and its young people again.

Mondo said...

Amazingly The Champion was just as packed with trendy young'uns midweek (and it was snowing too)

Artog said...

I liked the posters so much I've bought one. And I think I'll be ordering at least one more. We're having a bit of a wall art revamp at the moment.

Mick said...

Top stuff. My boys love No Matter What Sign You Are. I've got Diana Ross & the Supremes Join the Temptaions on vinyl because I'm Gonna Make You Love Me is one of my top 5 Motown songs.

Mondo said...

What did you go for Artog? I bagged Granny Takes a Trip..

I must get the double up album - Mick, my two tots (well one's a teen now). Love this set, Shake has them a'leaping round the room

ally. said...

dug theses out ready for a bit of getting ready music this evening. just the job ta mister

Artog said...

I went for the one with the mod sat atop a scooter smoking a fag. It's very Ronald Searle.

Mondo said...

Glad to be of help. Hope your saturday night leg-shaking went well Ally.

Bamalama is great source for rare rock and concert posters - their shop in Leather Lane is well worth a visit if you're ever over that way. And Orbital Comics sell panels or full page pieces or original comic art 2000 AD, Look In..

Any of these look fab framed and wall mounted

Artog said...

I ended up buying that Pink Floyd picture from Bamalama. And I noticed, and nearly went into, Orbital Comics the other day but Ed's Diner was calling to me.