Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Diary - March

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I'd like to correct a factual error from a couple of years ago. Wherein I dated buying my first Sex Pistols single as 27th February 1979 (based on a release date collected here). But look - there it is in biro and white, 1st March 1979. And probably only bought because the b-side's effing and jeffing if I'm honest.

So what else does March bring us

The final run of 'urcha' riffing

More ongoing disco-doo dah

And what's this? Shock, horror! Crocs?? On a Friday Night!!

Crocs - clubhouse of our friends electric and magnetic north for Essex alternative types? Well, yes - sort of. In truth Friday night was Junior Disco Night. I've even got a badge somewhere (down the back of the wardrobe if you're asking). Two tunes then..

Sid Vicious, ripped from my very own vinyl. And Dennis Brown something that always seemed to be spinning at the junior disco shindigs - with lyrics scanned from my Smash Hits of the time.

Sid Vicious - Something Else

Dennis Brown - Money In My Pocket 12"

And have a peep at the Top for this week in 1979 - which looked like this


Jon Peake said...

I love this, it's like my own life at that age, yet more exciting and in Essex.

Kolley Kibber said...

What happened on the 17th? Looks like you went into meltdown. Maybe all the Pro-Plus you must have been taking (FOUR discos in a month?!) caught up with you.

Mondo said...

It's strange FC - my memories of 79, before peeping at the calendar, were mainly :loitering in the park or at bus stops and chip shops.

I don't know why the cycle trip to Southend was canned ISB I loved being out and about on my blue grifter. Not mine in this pic BTW

davyh said...

Simon Bates, oh the horror. Even then we thought he was a twerp. I remember that top 40 like it were yesterday.

John Medd said...

Sunday 11th sounds cool. As Joe Jackson would say: did you turn your corn into gold?

Mondo said...

Have you read The Nation's Favourite Davy - if not you must (Peel and Walters are brill' in it). Bates, used to run a network of gossip, scandal and stitch ups from his BBC office.

If I remember we got a parking space right outside Regent's Park John - unheard of now and a gorilla (or possibly a tiger) had a minor freak out, so all good. PS the man-eating lion doodle is Goodies inspired - more on them later this week!

Cocktails said...

That chart rundown contains the first single I ever owned - 'Bright Eyes' by Art Garfunkel. I distinctly remember my mum buying it for me from the record bar in our local Woolies in Melbourne.

And how did you decorate your room?!

ally. said...

it's the gorgeous little didn't go revision that i love most. like you knew you'd be digging this out again when you were all grown and didn't want you to think you'd been
i can't wait for april. although i'll miss the urchas obviuosly

Simon said...

Mr Mondo sir, were you suited and booted and walking along High Holborn past the station heading east about 3pm today?

Piley said...

sorry to be picky but actually you went to CROCKS junior disco!

Ans interesting you managed to get all the way to Soyend on your bike!!

Great stuff! Will miss those urchas though.


Piley said...
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Mondo said...

It wasn't me decorating Cocktails - it would've been my dad. Can't remember the look - but it would have been covered in posters shortly after. Funnily enough dad was always singing Bright Eyes. Have you heard Harper Simon? Check out Shooting Stars. Gorgeous.

Strangely I was always writing bits down Ally, knowing someday I would be looking back at them - it's almost like an early version of the blog really.

Yes - check shirt and burgundy brouges? That was me Simon. But keep it hush I'd had a stealthy nip out to Comicana to buy this - which ties in with one of today's tunes. Where were you?

Simon said...

Thought it was. Was rushing to the station to get the train home otherwise I'd have said hello!

Mick said...

I have to say I look forward to these monthly posts. It’s funny how an era can be evoked just by a few words on a calendar (I see you remembered Mother’s Day you good boy).

Interestingly (or not) I bought nine of those Top 40 singles at the time (and picked up several more over the years) and it was a strange mix of new and old wave eg The Clash and Buzzcocks but also Motorhead and Toto (on picture disc). It has become accepted wisdom that you were into punk and rejected the old school or you were an old hippy. The truth is more complicated…

PS my copy of Something Else is in much better nick than yours.

Mondo said...

Crocs Junior Disco was a killer P - you could take your own records along Pistols, Damned, Blockheads and they'd play them - winner.

Ps Son of Urcha may be back next month..

That's the second time I've been recognised by my profile pic Simon. Will Kane from Gosh comics mailed last month asking had I been in the shop..

Bless you Mick. I had 6 from the chart. And yes the truth is much more complicated - a year later at my mates house (him of disco on the 9th), was talking to his dad (while wearing Seditionaries top and leather jacket - that's me not him) explaining that I loved Crass as much as I loved listening to the vintage Bing Crosby shows Radio 2 broadcast of a Sunday evening.
PS - Don't forget each one of these posts has a related chartstats link too.

BLTP said...

I love this calendar keep them coming!