Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finders Groovers

Had a couple of new-to-me nuggets appear on the radar last week..

Blogger-my-neighbour Coop dropped The Dead Weather (Jack White and new playmates) rewiring of 'Are Friends Electric' into my inbox.

The Dead Weather - Are Friends Electric

And found on Drew's always excellent Across The Kitchen Table, The Third Degree's slick-hipped Mercy. Although don't ask which is the cover and which is the original - Third Degree or Duffy - I couldn't tell you.

In return for The Dead Weather tune, I gave Coop the Third Degree tip off, which, he's now ordered up on 7" - phew it's like a Möbius meltdown.


Keith said...

Very cool. I always love finding out about new music. Hope your week started off well. Cheers!

davyh said...

I shoved that Third Degree on my in-car CD for the hols and it went lovely with Myron & E and The Phenomenal Handclap Band (passim). The Nu Soul is here!

Mondo said...

I try to get a few newbies, in amongst the dusty nuggets Keith - glad it's rocking your boots..

add this lot to your Nu Soul list Davy.

Nicole willis & The soul Investigators

I must blog them one day
*adds to ever lengthening list of bits to blog*

davyh said...


Gabbi said...

Thank you so much for sharing the Dead Weather song Mondo! I love Jack. I saw him with The Raconteurs a number of years ago, and though not as good as his work with the White Stripes, I'm still always a fan of anything he's in.

Also, regarding the 3D work of Harold Lloyds... I looked and looked and couldn't find anything from inside the book. Just the cover! Do you have it? :) It's probably fantastically kitschy!

Piley said...

Ohh! The AFE wasn't what I was expecting with Jack White on board... sounded ok, but more like the orig than I was expecting.

Mercy - the orig was DEFFO DUFFY! She wrote it!


drew said...

Cheers for the shout Mondo, ordered another copy of the Third Degree from Rough Trade, so i wouldn't use the copy on Acid Jazz, sad fuck I know. Imagine my surprise when it was some shit metal band doing something awful and not mercy. Still waiting for the replacement.

Check my site for another blinding soul cover

Mondo said...

Gabbi he is an incredible guitarist a real modern guitar hero, and probably wrote Rock's last great riff with Seven Nation Army.

I had a peep at the H. Lloyd book in Forbidden Planet - large format and very fifties kitch

P did you ever hear the rumor that it was Jack White doing backing vox on Electric Six's Danger High Voltage. Waddya reckon?

Are we gonna see the metal tune on the blog at any point Drew I'm semi-buzzed to hear it?

bleecher said...

i'll see u and raise u this lot ....


a-f##king-mazing!! saw then live and close up at summer sundae a few weeks back

blew my hefty socks straight off!!!

Mondo said...

Blimey Bleech! What a blaster right up my rock 'n' roll boulevard..

drew said...

The metal tune went back, Mondo and it appears after speaking with Jem at Sister Ray that all copies were the same and now there are no plans for Mercy to be re-pressed. I am slightly pissed off as I should have kept the fucked up pressing.

It also means that I can post the mp3 now as it will not harm sales.

There is one copy on discogs for a tenner, a bargain at double that.