Friday, August 14, 2009

Funky Friday - Happy Birthday Two This Ol' Blog

I'm dedicating this post to the memory of Guitar Hero Number One - Les Paul 1915-2009

104 weeks in the muddling making, 327 posts in the posting, more tracks and typos than I care to count and 2 DMCA takedowns all add up to one piece of Mondo-shaped bloggery and cyberspace scrapbooking that passes it's two year mark tomorrow.

For my first anniversary, I made this mix of goodies gathered from other blogger's blogs. But this year, and I guess you could call it an indulgence ("it's an indulgence" they chorused)I've harvested and hand picked a few scraps and selections (as well several nuggs I've been meaning to blog) from my own online allotment, sonic pantry and various guest mixes which you may have missed and blended them into a minty fresh mix 'Two's Next'

So a thank you goes out to all old pals, new chums, long-haulers, regular readers, chippers in, commenters, blog-rollers, Feedburner subscribers and those silent anonobods who peep but never speak - so let's raise a glass and here's to another year..

Two's Next Mix

Gimme Shelter - Merry Clayton
The Sunshine Of Your Love - Spanky Wilson
Maggie's Farm - Solomon Burke
He Don't Love You (And He'll Break Your Heart) - Levon & The Hawks
Cruisin' - Herbie Goins & The Nightimers
Lay This Burden Down - Mary Love
I Surrender - Bonny St. Claire
Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - The Funk Brothers
Reach Out I'll Be There - Lee Moses
The Day Will Come Between Sunday & Monday - Kiki Dee
So Called Loving - David Essex
Stop Breaking My Heart - Tom Jones
Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Brenda Lee
Soul Thing - The Keith Mansfield Orchestra
Word to the Mic - DJ BC
Ticket To Ride - The Fifth Dimension
Soul City - Jean Jacques Perrey
Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas - Brigitte Bardot
A Shot In The Dark - The Joe Loss Orchestra
I'm A Man - Wynder K. Frog
Mary Mary - The Strangers
Midnight To Six Man - The Pretty Things
Get Out Your Rock And Roll Shoes - Crocheted Doughnut Ring
Hey Hey Bunny - Los Gatos Negros
Like a Rolling Stone - The Soup Greens
Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler - Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands
Soul Town - The Motherhood

Did you know? The 'Planet' in PM is taken from a New York Dolls song. I wanted to use Mondo as a blog title, but couldn't seem to team it with anything until Lonely Planet Boy by the Dolls popped into play. Bingo!

PS - Word Mag readers, see if you can spot me on this month's letters page


chocolategirl64 said...

happy second blogday ^_^

I've forgotten what Fridays were like bpm
*before planet mondo*

Cocktails said...

Excellent. That's my Friday sorted entertainment sorted as usual. Where would I be without your Funky Fridays to end the week, not to mention your general all round fab taste the rest of it?

Happy Blogging Birthday Mondo.

bleecher said...

2 years? blinking flip! that deserves a glass of hot ribeena methinks...

top mix too..the spanky wilson track always gets me bouncing ... no kinks-brainwashed tho? heartbroken

bleecher said...

..oh and thats gotta be a 'brother isley' backing mary clayton on the fuzz geeeter....

ally. said...

many of the very most happy ones mr m - i shall blast my germs into submission with this a little later. and ta ever so for two years of inspirational fabulousness

Mondo said...

'BPM' I'm liking your logic Choco

You're really are too kind Cocktails *feels head to to swell*

There were so many nugg's I couldn't include Bleech- I was desperate to squeeze in my all time favourite of all time soul stomper Exus Trek , but couldn't make it fit. PS I did include Brainwashed here

Ally I had you in mind when I was putting together the northern run that starts with Levon & The Hawks

Paul McDonald said...

Happy Birthday Mr Mondo!
Although a relative newie to the blog I love it like a brother!
I spotted you in the Letters page this month and thought it was an extremely valid point you made...its rare for a band to reinvent the wheel but they changed them one after another!
Heres to another year of soulful sounds and funky mash ups
All the best
Paul @ Oddsock Illustration

Mick said...

Happy bloggy birthday, Mondo. There have been many highlights over the last two years. Recently I can't stop playing Macca's version of I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra which you featured a while back.

P.S. I always thought the 'planet' came from Planet Claire. (Well it didn't!)

lil said...

Many happy returns PM…
(Always fun to read your Blog & have a listen!)

Gabbi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabbi said...

Happy Anniversary dear Mondo! AND a great tribute to Les Paul (it's been all over the news here since yesterday) with that and Woodstock it seems like there's a lot of Rock&Roll in the air.

I love love your mixes. I started playing it already but I'm off to download now.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Mondo said...

You're very kind Paul.It was through your comment on Jude Roger blog we first hooked up wasn't it? And we really should meet up for scoop one day, both being Southenders !

PS they cropped the letter by half, but still nice to be in there.

It's Macca cracker isn't it Mick - I was tempted with slinging some more modernish bits in the mix - but they just didn't sit comfortably. Good point, but it was the Dolls
PS - The blog name was very nearly Mondo a Go-Go

Thanks Lil, always good to see you on here..

Thank you Gabbi and don't forget you'll find most of the tracks from this mix posted somewhere in the blog - if you fancy an individual tunage

Simon said...

Happy 2nd blog birthday! Grand mix, just my cuppa!

Keith said...

Congrats on making it to two years. That's awesome. You've got such a cool blog. I always love your post. You post such awesome tunes up here. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

bitterandrew said...

Here's two years of pure audio-visual joy in the Mighty Mondo Manner!

Congrats, my friend.

Mondo said...

Thanks Simon - I had yours Ally's/Davy's high soul standards in mind, while putting the funkier sections of this mix

Cheers to you too Keith - don't forget to grab last year's mix if you haven't yet..

Bless you BA you were one of my first FOOMs (you'll have to look that one up non-comic fans)

BLTP said...

Tip top stuff as always PM, time flies and all that. It's nice and sunny here and when suggs has stopped waffling i'll pop on your mix while I knock up some tea. keep on keeping on

Piley said...

two years already eh?? Blimey, that must mean i'm not far behind... was your fault i started bloggin in the first place! Bloody time vampire! I'll never get all them hours back!

Many happy returns!


Mondo said...

Marvellous give it a spin BL - hope it doesn't upset your digestion though!

Yes two years - mad innit P. I hope I've not got meself in Mrs P's bad books getting you on the blog run.

Devil Dick said...

i ant been making the rounds lately but congrats on teh milestone you deserve it tiger!
all the best!

Mondo said...

Cheers DD 'tiger boy' I'm never gonna live that down am I?

Unknown said...

belated greetings. Sorry I've not dropped by for a while (but that's the same for all my favourite places just now...blame it on too much work).

Great stuff. As ever.

dickvandyke said...


You are a shaft of golden sunlight in a dark and dangerous world.