Tuesday, August 23, 2011

C Words

Is the the theme for Tonight's Radio Podrophenia as we roll out the third installment of the Podrophonic Alphabet: The Charlatans, The Creation, Cat's Eyes and either Chubby Checker or Czech singer (Marta Kubisová) are just a few of the tunes possibly getting pitched and putted onto this evening's playlist at the all new Chance Radio  from 9 tonight

Let's keep 'em crossed the internet forum for comms and chippings-in is fixed in time for this week's radio run out. We've had some thumping suggestions for other C songs (all clean too). Clarence Carter, The Cramps, Steve Cropper.. And the blue-eyed soul of Chris Clarke is on the subs bench, although I'm fidgingtly  tempted to do a last minute switcheroo and just chip The Castaways in...

The Castaways - Liar Liar


Perhaps we'll dedicate tonight's outing to Jerry Leiber 1933 – 2011


John Medd said...

C is for C Moon. Innit?

Break a leg tonight.

Mondo said...

I'd love to chunk Macca in J (we've never played any solo pieces in a poddy). But I don't think I've ever juggled so much with just six tunes. At the mo', I'm literally doing some fast and furious shuffling around Cat's Eyes, Chocolate Watch Band, The Creation and The Coasters (Leiber trib').

John Medd said...

What do you have to do to get a request 'round here?! *sulks*

Break a leg anyway.

Mondo said...

In the words of Sir Fred Pontin 'Book early'...we're a bit stuffed for on-the-day suggestions since we've switched to the back office studio. longish (read:boring) story..