Friday, August 5, 2011

Of all the CD's I've bought in the last week...

25 in total (not pictured:  this from Amazon, this from HMV), the one that's really got a lock on my lugs and is by far funkiest is - Tru Thoughts Funk. Bottom picture, middle left. Having said that I haven't managed to play and plough through the rest properly yet. But with a two week stretch out due soon - that's a whole load of listening time sorted.

So one from each bundle then...

Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators - A Perfect Kind of Love (Lack of Afro Re-Funk)

Cazal's: see vid below

And this little bundle were bagged for half the stickered price

The Bamboos - Step It Up

The Cazals: price - one earth pound, and as played on Radio Podrophenia last Tuesday


Gary Fowles said...

I've got that Bobby Hebb album on vinyl. Quite decent it is too. Picked me up the Dub Mason album this week too. I love me a decent haul of records. Although having said that I try and steer clear sometimes since I can buy much more than I should. Although at those prices I would have done the same as you. How many records would you say you owned Mondo? And how many more do you need? :D

Mondo said...

How many do I own? I hit around 2000 in the late 80s and gave up counting after that. One MP3 player has got 9000 albums on and that's probably only a quarter of the collection (minimum) but that does include CDs, vinyl and downloads..

There's always room for more - I've picked up another 6 since posting this morning..

Paul Messis said...

Mondo.... where were these bargain cd's found?


Mondo said...

In Rough Trade East Paul...but I saw this tweet from them earlier

'Our largest INDEPENDENT supplier Pias got burnt 2 the ground last night, best to all staff,labels that lost stock. no injuries @ least'

Joseph said...

Really awesome value and to new comer to the music this would be a great album to buy.

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