Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday night is music night (and day)

For this evening's Radio Podrophenia - Piley and I are chipping in with tunes fitted around the theme of Night and Day.. Plenty of options and variations to pick from vintage bits from The Kinks, Lee Moses and Hugo Strasser with new tunes from Brit-pop revivalists Viva Brother and heavy level funkage from Kings Go Forth.  It all kicks off from nine tonight.

If you've missed any back issues most of the Radio Podrophenia editions are now on iTunes, with a gallery of the goings on viewable at Piley's place.

A couple of nearly but not quites for tonight are....

Quickie pop quiz. What (or who) is the connection between these two tunes? 


John Medd said...

Got room for Macca tonight?

Break a leg!

Mondo said...

*Gulps* for moment I was worried it was going to be this