Friday, August 26, 2011

A week on the world's most expensive sand dune..

Being parked up in Sandbanks for seven days.... what was meant to be a week of Purbeck bumbles, stumbles and strolls, turned out to be mostly a run of beach-bumming: crabbing (blennies and Crabzilla vs Mega-shrimp), boat trips or just splashing about a bit.

Although it's all gone super swanky since the last time we were down that way. Sandbanks and it's surrounding suburbs seem to have been rebuilt with Jetsons-go-Graceland mansions - swank-pad second homes for the multi-minted set apparently. Average price - four mill'! New builds badged and branded with futurist titles: Bowie, Moonraker and Thunderbird (below).. 

Then there's your eye-boggling Sunseeker yachts for the ultra-loaded (think Bond villain chic) pulling out of Poole harbour. Handily we were pitched up just literally 2 mins from the beach, ye olde chain ferry and the site of Mimi Lennons former house. Perhaps why Liam Gallagher was spotted there in May then..

In keeping with the Tracy Island scenery, while we were buzzing or bumming about the 'Monte Carlo of the UK'  the Album of the outing turned out to be Devo's Something For Everybody - the infectious rising intro riff of Don't Shoot hooking its way into all our heads (see also March On)

Devo - Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)

And worra contrast! One evening - chips on Bournemouth prom and the most sky-blazing sunset ever seen, followed by driving through door-high flash floods the next morning...


Kolley Kibber said...

Come on, Mondo - you were down there house-hunting, weren't you? It'll only be a matter of time before you hang up the 'Dungroovin' sign outside your own Austin Powers type pad, and start working on your James Coburn look...

Jon Peake said...

Groovy! That's my manor (sort of), but I've not been down that way in about 30 years. Now I need to own a house called Moonraker and slip into some kung fu pyjamas.

Mondo said...

Have a peep at the PDF for Thunderbird, under the super homes section here - with it's star-lit staircase it's entirely my sort of gaff..

The only thing that puts me off is Gordon Ramsey has been spotted house hunting, that and Piers Morgan poking his beak in.

We used to go there through the 90s Jon. It was always 'posh' - but is off the swank-scale now