Friday, August 28, 2009

Funky Friday - Let's Spend Some Time Together

89 Oakley Street SW3- Bowie's house (73-74) where he and Jagger were ..
well, according to Angie Bowie anyway

So the last bank holiday of the summer season rolls around this weekend, and a three day stretch of local lolloping about is on the menu, with perhaps a trip to St Lawrence Bay, if only for another peep at this place of hi-amazingness...
The Salt House

On the tunes front, I've not been able to put down Muddy Waters retake of 'Let's Spend The Night Together' for several months now - seemingly sculpted from Cream's 'Sunshine of Your Love'. You'll find it on Muddy's walloping, psychedelic blues album Electric Mud

Muddy Waters - Let's Spend The Night Together

Or if you favour some disco swish - have a punt on the Joe Simon version

Joe Simon - Let's Spend The Night Together

The Stones Ed Sullivan appearance features the lyrics rejigged and edited to a more acceptable "Let's spend some time together" It's here if you fancy a nosy - points to peep for include..

The non-stop screamathon
Jagger camping like a champ
Keef's booming backing vox


Cocktails said...

That Muddy Water's track is ace. When is it from?

And off topic, we're heading off on a daytrip to Leigh on Sea tomorrow! Any tips?

Keith said...

I really love that Bowie clip. Awesome. I hope you have a great holiday weekend. We've got our Labor Day holiday coming up soon. It will be nice to have a three day weekend then. Cheers!

Mondo said...

Bowie clips fab isn't Keith - it's from the Ziggy/Hammersmith show there's an oouttake with Jeff Beck as a special guest which is worth tracking down..

It's from 68 Cocktails- you can get Electric Mud for under a fiver if you shop about - the entire album's almost a funky..

Tips for a Leigh trip

As you come through the barriers at Leigh Station don't go left for the main entrance - instead go straight ahead (keep the ticket office on your right) for the side door. This will take you to the bridge, turn right and look for the small steps on the the other side. This will bring you to Cockle Row.. from here keep the sea on your right and the train track on your left

The Crooked Billet is worth dropping into for a sip or two - and Osbournes* opposite is one of the oldest shellfish retailers in Leigh, so worth a wallop.

Or if you fancy a fish and chips, The The Mayflower (the last building on old Leigh on Sea High St) is an F and C shop with a great pub built on the back..where you can have a drink and something from the chippie..

There's a another bridge opposite The Mayflower if you cross this (heading for The Ship pub) turn right and walk up the hill for a few yards to Church Hill steps ( this is the view looking down) - head up and you'll come to Leigh Broadway with some great Deli's, a couple of vintage furniture and clothes shops and in the little arcade a fab vinyl shop.

Or The Heritage Centre in Old Leigh, has local walk leaflets if you fancy.

If you don't fancy the Broadway bustle just keep on walking along past the Mayflower for about a mile the and you'll come to Chalkwell beach (I commute in from this Station)

Finally, It's well worth stopping off at The Mayflower around sunset, as the light is usually great and you'll see the fishing boats unloading on the wharfs or setting off for a nights trawling..

*Most of the Cockle Row fishing boats were part of the WW2 Dunkirk beach rescues. There's a commemorative plaque in the local Methodist Church for the ones that never made it back, you'll see several Osbournes on the list.

Cocktails said...

Wow, great - plenty to do then! I'll report back.

Just hope that it doesn't rain now...

drew said...

Love the Muddy Waters Mondo.

drew said...

On the subject of What Condition My Condition Is In, have you heard the Betty Lavette version.

Mondo said...

Are you going to take some piccies for Flickr?

The Joe Simon's a slow starter, but gets very Billy Preston after a couple of min's Drew. Go on give it a spin..

Cocktails said...

Does Flickr need any more pictures of Leigh on Sea?!

But perhaps, yes what with your inspiring tips.

bleecher said...
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bleecher said...

bowies legs are even giving me the horn......

sumone give him some more drugs again pleeeeeeeeeassse

Mondo said...

Incredible Drew The Dap Kings did a straight lift .

You must try The Mayflower fish and flippers - Cocktails - The best in Southend. No Floppy cod there..

Funny isn't Bleech - for such a skinny, snappy thing, he's got a set of athletic legs.

davyh said...

Floppy cods

Mondo said...

Its a phrase that popped out during a phone call (to mum Mondo) - but is a measure of the quality of the catch.

Gabbi said...
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Gabbi said...

I really like your friends photographs! I added a few to my faves on Flickr already. I also am enjoying your mix as I type this :) Begins really nicely, nothing better than a good host to introduce, and it has a great mood to it. Thank you!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. :)

Mondo said...

Glad you're enjoying them Gabbi the voice on the intro I lifted from Small Faces 'Ogden's Nut Flake'

PS re your earlier comment - Mick Jagger's place was just around the corner in Cheyne Walk (48) and Keith Richards was at number 3 - you can check them out with Google 'street view'

Piley said...

The muddy waters version is a belter Mondo... nice collection of goodies there. Didn't Tina Turner have a go at it one time too??


Mondo said...

Dunno P - A few people have had a pop on it - Bowie's Aladdin version's another fave..

Gabbi said...

Thank you so much for the Muppet shares Mondo! I loved the Stevie one especially... :)

Hope you're having a great week!