Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everybody Talk about - Pub Musik

The annual booze based tear-up billed as the Sad Lads CD Swap, will be upon us soon(ish). A two-part pub do where CDs of newbie bits compiled by Piley, Marmite, Coops, E F Rice, Jack Gestures, Paul Glasses, myself and others are swapped in November and reprised by an end of year re-meet for evening's nattering about our year's best beats and bobs. The rules are straight forward: see E F's regulations footnoting this post.

My '09 selection box was weighted with 80% vintage bits. This year it's possibly 70/30 in favour of new tunes. Dipping through a year's listening, highlights how many oddities and offcuts remain unblogged and lingering on the sub's bench. Blitzen Trapper are a premium example. On heavy rotation at home or out and about - but not a peep to be seen in my (award winning) cyberspace scrapbook..

Blitzen Trapper - Fire & Fast Bullets

Blitzen Trapper - Saturday Nite

Just one Blitzen bit will be making the final cut - I'm not sure which yet, but once my compo's finalised I may clonk a Ltd Edt mix in the blog

Them's The Rules....

1. Circulate to everyone a CD no longer than 80 minutes in length, containing tracks for new groups you have either got into for the first time this year or established artists you have perhaps picked up an old track/album for this year.

2. You may have more than one track for an artist on the CD (although 80 mins of Springsteen would be pushing it)

3. You supply all those taking part with a CD including a full track listing. The CDs will be circulated on a date in early November down The **** (date will be decided nearer the time).


Piley said...

looking forward to it Mondo - finished pulling my tracks together last night. 20 Golden (?) Greats from 2010!

Where the hell did you get that picture of Jack and Paul?? Never seen that one before.

Mondo said...

My PM's Annual Report (or PM's Suggestion Time) is almost sorted: 22 tracks, but haven't checked the running time yet - so may have to nip a bit..
Are we naming names on tracklistings? Last year's tracks were anon, for lending an impartial ear..

I thought him on the left was me without the Rooster-Rug

Cocktails said...

I'd go with Saturday Nite - that's top 2 minute pop. Bit of a sudden ending though.

Loving the latest podcast. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that Ray of Light was a cover!!!

Mondo said...

I'm tempted but wasn't sure if Saturday was a bit Scissor Sisters compared to Fire/Bullets' Supergrassy feel.

Shocker about Curtiss/Muldoon isn't it - I'd heard clips but never the full thing. Albums pretty good too..

John Medd said...

Do you get the landlord of the boozer to play said toons as you give 'em the scores on the doors?

Mondo said...

Norra chance - John it's Wetherspoons venue: cheap booze, but but no tunes.

Just found the track-listing for my 09 comp here

1. Jack Costanzo ~ Peter Gunn Mambo
2. Joe Loss Orchestra ~ A Shot in the Dark
3. Big Boss Man ~ Beat Breakfast
4. The Wolfmen ~ Cat Green Eyes
5. The Wolfmen ~ July 20
6. Belle & Sebastian~Legal Man
7. Mo' Horizons ~ Hit The Road Jack
8. Fabienne Delsol ~ Laisse Tomber Les Filles
9. The Dead Weather ~Are Friends Electric?
10. DJ Copycat ~ Does Your Homosapien Know?
11. The Crystalites~ Lady Madonna
12. Killer Watts~Lay Lady Lay
13. Gershon Kingsley~Popcorn
14. The Keith Mansfield Orchestra~Soul Thing
15. Head Hands and Feet~Warming Up The
16. Hubert Laws~Listen to the Band
17. Muddy Waters~Lets Spend The Night Together
18. John Lee Hooker~Make It Funky
19. Jackie Lomax~The Eagle Laughs At You
20. Enri~The Performer
21. Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Jack Bruce~Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup)
22. The Third Degree - Mercy
23. Bo Diddley~Elephant Man
24. Green Onions~Righteous Bros Band
25. The Soup Greens~Like a Rolling Stone

Piley said...

all that was great about 2009 ;-)

Mondo said...

Retromania a go-go and vintage vibes. You may even find some post millenium ones on me 2010 one. Didn't you have a Stones tune from 20005 on your comp?

Piley said...

Yup, and Beatles!

the listen with impartiality idea has been canned by the way. A track listing is to go with each CD. I liked that bit but hey ho

Mondo said...

I've got a Beatles one my new list, a fab remix I found last week.