Monday, September 13, 2010

Podrophenia 10 - Originals Uncovered

He's written two garage classics, but who is he and what are they - find out in Podrophenia

Elvis, Madonna, Bowie and Blondie are just some of the glittering legends and heavy-hitters NOT appearing in the latest edition of Podrophenia. But pod-pickers, listen in and lend an ear as Piley and I lay bare, unwrap and unearth the low-level source material supplying these high flyers with smash hit songs and singles. All is revealed in Podrophenia 10. Along with Piley's tale of a tooth-brightening, eye-widening electric enema.

Podrophenia 10 (DL link is at the bottom of the page)

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With only five tunes a'piece something had to give, so Superstar got the 11th hour bounce from my Podrophenia playlist. Mainly famous as a Carpenters classic (with retweaked lyrics sleep with you swapped for be with you) the original versh can be found tucked away on Delaney and Bonnie B Side - a gorgeous serving of blue-eyed soul.

Delaney and Bonnie - Groupie (Superstar)

Cher's affair is more of a stoner-rock spin on the theme.

Cher - Superstar

PS The album I mention but forget to name is here..


Artog said...

Most surprised by Hanging On The Telephone, I was going to suggest Denis but when I checked the original wasn't really that obscure (in the US anyway). All the others that occurred to me are nearly as obscure as the originals.

Mondo said...

What were your selections Artog I'd be interested to hear. These were my oddities binned in favour of more popular pop hits: Only After Dark , Beaver Patrol and Let's Talk About Girls, a Chocolate Watch Band tune covered by The Undertones on a B-Side

Check this and album full o' similar seedling hits

Artog said...

Either Cocaine or After Midnight by JJ Cale/Eric Clapton, Transparent Radiation by Red Krayola/Spacemen 3 and maybe I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James/Chicken Shack and Can't Stand The Rain by Ann Peebles/Tina Turner. I had trouble thinking of things that had been smash hits second time around - I think Ann Peebles did better than Tina Turner even at the height of the latter's fame in the eighties.

Mondo said...

Lowell George does a slinky version of Can't Stand the Rain if you haven't heard it..Similarly I had a couple of Tony Joe White's on the sub's bench. Rainy Night in Georgia, Polk Salad Annie and Smokey's pre-Marvin versh of Grapevine

John Medd said...

Nice one Mondo. My Editor at the paper is an Elvis nut - he's been to see the Elvis show you spoke about; it's like he was in the room etc etc. If it comes around again I'll certainly give it a coat of looking at.

Mondo said...

Here you go John - it's starts like this and goes off like a rocket for the duration. Although I don't if it's the same TCB line up now. In 2000 we got the FULL band and backing singers - including guitar ledge James Burton

Mick said...

I know this is a bit late but it's hard to find a spare hour in this house. I'm about 20 minutes in to the podcast and really enjoying it. You've inspired me to do my own before they were famous post, hopefully this weekend.

Mondo said...

Glad it's rockin' your boots Mick - sound-a-likes is up next, and then hopefully Local Heroes: a Southenders special