Friday, September 24, 2010

The Village Green Preservation Society (DMCA bods please note this post contains no Kinks tunes - it's just the name of a local festival 'Village Green' - see below!)

Phill Jupitus, Block (head)rocking Chalkwell Park last year
Tomorrow sees the third Village Green Arts Festival pitching up in Chalkwell park. A one day free event bulking up from 5000 festival go-ers in it's first year, to a borough-busting 20,000 in 09. And with the word of mouth buzz still spinning from last year - I'd expect to see that total topped this Saturday..
The tone of the day is a park-sized, polite picnic with tents and events: comedy, films and kiddy bits - soundtracked by live music from the main stage. Almost a louder, large-scale companion to the Leigh Folk Festival, wrapping up with a sensible 10pm turn in.
Home-grown talent always adds some local muscle to the bill. The Blockheads, Billy Bragg and Phill Jupitus for '09, and Snowboy and the Latin Section, The Famous Potataoes and The Dirty Fairies for '10
Grockles a go-go on the lineup include Carlene Anderson, Carter USM's Jim Bob and ex-Beta Band and Aliens man - Steve Mason whose set is top of my to-do list, having been looping his Boys Outside album for the last couple of months.

If only Wilco or Eddie and The Hot Rods to could be tempted to take the stage while the sunsets over Oil City for next year, that would be something truly special for us seasiders..

In the Teepee Tent with Billy Bragg - yes I am in here somewhere, and in the clip below
Lineup, maps and directions are available here


chocolategirl64 said...

not tempted with bollywood dancing workshop?
I am with the drumming one:
Mr Mason is top of my list too!
excited? you betchya:

John Medd said...

Do you get the feeling that Bragg is turning into a National Treasure? He'd hate the moniker, obviously, but his appeal now goes way beyond his music (and way beyond Essex).

drew said...

I'm going to a bloody wedding tomorrow, this looks a lot more fun.

Mondo said...

Drumming workshop -my youngest will go nuts for that, he's gagging for a kit. See you there tomoz Choco x

I wasn't much of a fan before his set last year John, but his Big Busk was great, kept it intimate (as much as you can with 20,000 people)and worked the crowd. The rag-tag looking guitarist Lu Edmonds ex-The Damned and now PIL..

Chances are it may be chucking it down Drew. So could be a Washout-on-Sea.

Piley said...

Bloody freezing this arvo and tonight, and bucketing down the last two days... bummer. And to think what it was like this time last year. I guess the last week of Sept is always a risky date tho.

Will pop along for a bit(frostbite permitting)

Mondo said...

Sunny (but crisply nippy)today - so get yer long-johns on P and see you there..

Furtheron said...

hope it went well

Mondo said...

Still here, still sipping and lovinf it F Ron