Friday, September 3, 2010

Postcards from Walmington

After chowing down a minimum of two Dad's Army episodes per night, how could we not detour off to Walmington on Sea Thetford on the way home from our north Norfolk jaunt. So what's to spot...

Nether Row (renamed Percy Street in the show): pops up frequently in Walmington street shots, including the corking but rarely repeated missing-knickers episode Man Hunt.

Three raw recruits raring to sign up for the Walmington Home Guard

Thetford Guildhall (Walmington Town Hall): the Time on My Hands episode (or The German Pilot Trapped on the Clock Tower One to give it it's full title) is centred almost entirely on the 19th century clocktower..

You'll also find Mill Lane, perhaps Thetford's most viewed road seen during the closing moments of The Deadly Attachment (or The 'Don't tell him, Pike!'One to give it it's full title), The Bell Inn - lodgings for the cast during location work, also used for the opening shots of the debut episode. All these, the Dad's Army Museum and plenty more Walmington backdrops are all doable and viewable within a one hour wander..

We would have factored in a trip to the Bressingham Steam Museum if we'd known of the gold contained therein. But that's another trip for another time...

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler? - Bud Flanagan

It's the rare version pop-pickers - see if you can spot the extra lyrics ?

Wild Billy Childish and The Blackhands - Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler?

PS - thanks to John Medd for the title inspiration


John Medd said...

Did you hear any of the 'spin-off' radio series It Sticks Out Half A Mile?' (Walmington after the war - the title relates to the pier) The good news was that the pilot episode starred Arthur Lowe and the rest of the regulars. The bad news - Lowe died and they completed the run without him. File under interesting oddities.

davyh said...

It's a beautiful country you know Wilson.

Mondo said...

Heard about it John, I'm working my way through the radio adaptations at the mo' (which are fab, as there's new added dialogue in places) ~ but will give 'em a wallop though..

Try this Davy, some great between song banter

Piley said...

Love Dads Army - right up there with my all time fave comedy show.

I've played all the DA radio shows too, and really enjoyed them. Never heard the spin off that JM mentioned though - be interesting to get them.

Great pics, and was hoping to pop up to Walmington ourselves later this month, but on hold for the mo now. Will get there though.


davyh said...

Stupid boy

Mondo said...

Perhaps roll it over 'til May P. I think they have an annual Dad's Army day then at the Bressingham museum..

Fave episodes? I'd have to go for...

Mum's Army. The Brief Encounter of the series.

If the Cap Fits... Frazer takes over..

Menace from The Deep

And wild and lonely tales like these

Furtheron said...

Dad's Army - possibly the funniest ever sit com and Billy C (my Medway hero) in the same post! I'm in heaven here :-) Thanks Mondo