Friday, March 25, 2011

12 x 12: Going down in the subway

Sticking with a London-ish theme, we're going underground by way of a lower league release (peaking at a chart position of 24) from Soft Cell

Bedsitter, Torch, Say Hello 12“ers were all retweaked with excellent extended interludes and additions, but rather than pitch in with one of the biggie singles which seem to be fairly well represented around and about the blogs, thought it may be worth revisiting this overlooked oddity..

Soft Cell - Down in the Subway (12" Remix}

Surprisingly, I haven't flipped the single and tried the cover of Johnny Thunders - Born To Lose. Yet! The Cell's Subway vid can be viewed here: wherein Marc Almond sleazes about in a leather cap and a tache free but freshly crimped Dave Ball stands static throughout...

Like Tainted and What before - Subway was another northern cover and if you've never heard it - Jack Hammer's original mod stomper is well worth a wallop


John Medd said...

Record sales resulting in a chart position of #24 in 1981 would mean a choon staying at #1 for six months in 2011.

Mondo said...

That's very a good point actually J. Million selling singles and such like. On the same basis Gloria Jones must have made a few quid from Tainted

Mick said...

I'm gobsmacked! The words are so perfect for Soft Cell I always assumed it was an original. I've even got the record and don't remember ever noticing it was't one of theirs.

EXPO67 said...

Mondo - Songwriter Ed Cobb would have got the royalty money on the back of 'Tainted Love' selling a million+

He also wrote many songs for Los Angeles 60s garage legends The Chocolate Watch Band and The Standells.

Mondo said...

I was bit boggled myself Mick..only found out when googling for the Cell vid..

Ed Cobb must have a few bob. Ta for the tip Expo..

JM said...

"Ruddy Hell! It's Soft Cell!"

Sorry. heh.

Coop said...

Always thought this one of Soft Cell's best remixes. Ed Cobb's songs for The Standells are superb, well worth checking out if you haven't heard 'em. Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 4 animal special is available now at
Strange that animals was your 4th poddie too, don't think there were any song duplications, check them out.

Piley said...

Soft Cell always did the best 12" mixes back in the day (yeas I am biased, but it's still true!).

Hated those mixes where they'd just stick the instrumental in halfway through, and call it a 12" mix. Like you say, Soft Cell often added extra verses and really made it a longer version of the song.

There's a 12" mixes CD set kicking about which is fab. Every 12" mix and all the b-sides. Pocket money price these days (although I was royally ripped back in the day with a v expensive import job!)


planet mondo said...

Good work JM we had a similar run out on the Ono/Eno/Bono theme via Facebook last week.
I can't believe I haven't heard pal Cobb's name before Coops. Will grab the poddy soon.

P - The worst/weediest 12" has to be Duran's Is There Something I Should Know? It's seven minutes of thin instrumental drivel. Mine went back the same day as buying. I'll keep an eye out for Ye Olde Boxe Set

Piley said...

3 discs, £8.99 Amazon... a bargain!